Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009


by Rick Robinson

How quickly can a smile fade?
Can love, like waste, bio-degrade into nothingness.
I reach for you but the bed is bare and sheets are cold
like Santa's stare...in summertime.
I love the kiss
the touch
the feel
the echo of a sound that's real,
I need the warmth
of the embrace,
the scent
the anticipation of the event.
I need...
the memory of tears and rain;
those moments we can't relive again;
that need to scream and wildly shout
that i can't learn to live without...you.
Let me examine how we kiss.
The angle of our lips just miss, and it's Pythagoras.
The wetness of affection lingers
long after the feel of your fingers, when our hands part
(I think i need a rest)
like oceans under biblical distress.
I turn and watch you walk away, like tennis partners
at the close of play...and double fault,
Are we love all? I fear the score, so lets
recap and dig some more...
I'll take this chance to reminisce
on how we kiss, like shaking hands with our lips.
Affection is a state of mind and never is it always kind
to remember everything...but i do...
and despite all these faults of mine
and the shadows around my sorrow, when you call
i'll still be here...tomorrow.

Added: 23.04.2009