Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

I just want a job!

by Brian Wood

A victim of circumstance - I am not
On the industrial landscape - I am a blot
I crave opportunity - And the will to live
But in this time of uncertainty - What do I have to give!
There's passion with intensity
And the willingness to learn
I have the Skills, Knowledge & Attitude
But can't seem to earn!
I don't do cigarettes or alcohol - well not to excess
I'm clean in my look - and smart in my dress
I'm not bitter and twisted - I'm as straight as a dye
I just seem to be that unfortunate guy!
There's cries of a recession and credit crunch to boot
There's annual pensions - the size of train robbers loot
The press do their bit in creating a scare
What's the Government elect doing - I don't really care!
I've trawled all the papers - the internet to
Having forwarded speculative request - to god knows who
I need to break this cycle - of fear and despair
I'm running on empty - I can't afford the fare!
I'm not doing nothing - I'm ahead of my game
But there's 3 million others all doing the same
I'm not an ex celebrity so I can't do the reality shows
But I don't lose heart - that's just how it goes!
I have dreams of driving my new company car
I'm at home doing the ironing - not propped at the bar
I'm desperate - yet cautious - anything I'd be
Job seekers allowance - that's a Joke you'll see
I just want a job - That's me!

Added: 23.04.2009