Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

Coffee Bean

by Alister Gray

I leave my house, I lock my door
With renewed hope to explore,
The magical world that we exist,
Greeted by a scene straight out of Schindler's List
Fruit stalls and drunks, Groundhog Day.
Metro papers, escalators an oyster to pay.
Nothing changes on a daily basis,
"READ ALL ABOUT IT" another celebrity racist.
We live in a culture managed by the press.
A government smear; it's such a mess.
Who gives a heck? It's all doom & gloom,
I'd rather be in a park on a magic mushroom.
A terror plot against our society
Causing fear, hurt, death and major anxiety.
North Korea, a nuclear bomb,
A far cry from mornings with Dick and Dom.
And all of this before I get to work,
For the lesser person it would make them shirk,
But no not me, I'm a coffee bean.
In a boiling environment I'm reacting to the scene.

Added: 25.04.2009