Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

Suffering in Pain

by carole smith

Anguish caught together like spikes of pressure
Re calling the last time
Crooked and twisted like pinnacles of fate
Break into the piercing pain of life
Wearing and tired feelings through eyes that were profoundly bright
Have now disappeared into the dark.
Lying still and silent as the clock ticks
slowly forward to end another day of hardship.
Movement is not to be as contracting feelings rush
Like a gust of wind throughout ones body.
Thoughts flow too freely and become congested with
Tragic consequences , free minds and spirits can heal.
Days move and the light of life can been seen in the near future
It brightens as the days roll forward.
Time is of essence, as life is so precious , stay clear of
Any future pain, then brightness will be your light within...

Added: 25.04.2009