Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

day dream believer

by Claire Gordon

precious moments stolen
rumours, secrets broken
obsessively in the shadows hiding
crashing, stumbling, colliding
rush of adrenaline under your skin
afternoons spent cradled in sin
sunkissed beneath your golden gaze
trapped within your embryonic maze
initiate fragile debate
negotiate your destined fate
allow yourself the time to move
time and space to mend, improve?
isolated in your tangled menagerie
no longer able to see clearly
growing desire to take a leap
you fall into a dream filled sleep
obliterate the fears that seep
undulating in linen sheets
reaping the taste of honeyed sweets
lost again in imaginary prose
overheels as your love grows
verbosely censored by your refrain
evaporating as you wake again...

Added: 26.04.2009