Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009


by Louise Mason

11pm and I switch off the lamp
Illuminating one thousand worries in my mind.
Waking from their slumper they hiss and spit
Chasing sleep away into the night.
Across town I think I hear you laughing. 
At a private joke without me.
Your wine refilled and your cigarette lit
by an unfamiliar hand.
I'm ashamed of these acidic thoughts.
Their poison seeps through my veins
Infecting my limbs with imaginary itches
Swallowing up childhood fantasies of knights in shining armour.
Multitudes of exchanges play out in the dark.
What common interests will fate unearth
And how many glances will linger heavy in the air?
Will comparison or non-existence be the role I play?
Counted sheep sneer as they jump fences
And a poltergeist tugs angrily at my pillow
shaking the twisted thoughts behind my eyes
as I wait for the relief of morning alarms.

Added: 27.04.2009