Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

Marks & Spencer - Men's Department

by Michael Bowden

Aimless. Thoughtless. Hopeless.
Drifting through every aisle
While dreaming. A dream to wake
Or to escape
This lifeless state of existence
That so greatly nullifies.
Holding on to what they have,
Too afraid to put it down
A pair of shoes, a tie, perhaps a shirt
That lengthens the limits of their hurt
But just might make these smiling dolls frown
At someone else.
And everywhere shining plaques
Of silver and glass
That gleam and glow yet only show the life they lead...
Broken, wasted, weak.
Endlessly looking, searching,
Barely registering obstacles all around
Yet mumbling some inaudible sound
Of repentance
To some other floating shadow
They have knocked off this half-life's course.
There are two types of mannequin
In this here unforgiving din
Those, the standing rank and file,
Standing proud with grace and guile
And those drifting through every aisle.
Now neither designed with dire dreams;
Now both in dire, desperate need
Of a soul.

Added: 27.04.2009