Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009


by aidean byrne

Magic in your touch, or some fairy dust,
Whatever it was I couldn't trust,
Sugar coats and clouds my view,
Some how I end up entwined with you.
From lust to love, love to lust,
This bitter cycle has got me crushed,
A love so fragile for what it's been through
I just can't trust my feelings on you.
Though you saved my heart before it rust,
And i took one sip, lost my thirst,
Wrapped in your arms you pull me deeper,
I'm a non-sleeper
Looking for love supreme but
This love has been stirred with hate,
My heart fights the heated debate,
Heads in a state,
An emotion cocktail
A love potion fail
The erosion of your hallo
Today though
I'm letting go!

Added: 28.04.2009