Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

Into My Eyes

by Angela Dunley

Into my eyes you looked, you gazed, you lingered
The sweet kiss from your mouth, the mouth I traced with delicate fingers
You held my hand and connected to my heart
Something So Special but always there, right form the start
If I could change our time and fix it in place
I would hold your gaze look into your face
I would show you my heart in all its colour
My loves so tender like a fragile flower
I would make you laugh I would make you smile
A smile that to me made past hurts worthwhile
So will you look into my eyes and see the person within?
With so much to show you, I don't know where to begin
But if that is not our fate and we are not meant to be
Then maybe within your heart is a place set aside just for me...

Added: 29.04.2009