Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

Barefoot Tripping

by Angela Dunley

Dance like a wild fire of passion
Barefoot tripping, the dance, the Lesson
Looking around the sights of sound
The Blue sky above - The green of the ground
I'm holding your hand - "Ring a Rosie"
Laughter & Joy with cheeks all Rosie
Am I allowed this happiness just for me?
It's all quite scary; I'll look and see
I walk to the edge and open my arms
My inner Child will keep me from harm
Into the Ocean and sea so vast
Happiness is here -Yes! At last
I'll go barefoot tripping heart is all smiles
Yes it's mine; I've walked the miles
I thank you for being and not leaving my side
Today is all new so I'll just take it in stride...
I'm glad we are back together again
You know what? I like you; I think we'll be friends

Added: 29.04.2009