Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

It's 1974

by Maria Peppes

The sound of children crying.
The sound of the army boots
of all the soldiers that run past.
The sirens that are going off.
It's all chaos.

People run trying to save their loved ones;
Mothers hold their babies so tight.
Fathers finally hug their sons for a while.

You can no longer hear the birds.
You can no longer see the green fields.
You can hear the shotguns.
Bodies lying everywhere.
One would think the fight will settle for the night.
A little girls runs to the fields to hide,
to also try and rest for a while.
She is very scared, but knowing
that her mother is there
she shuts her eyes.
The journey tomorrow will be long,
For it might be days that it will carry on.
They need to escape.
Mother and daughter, siblings too
All cautiously run away.
Their bodies have not rested
properly for days.
No clothes to change, their shoes are worn,
But they must carry on,
until the war sirens are gone.
It's thirty years later,
the daughter is a mother now,
the mother is gone.
The little girl has found her nest.
I hope that at some point she can now rest.
Her thoughts to clear,
so she can enjoy what is here.

Added: 29.04.2009