Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

The Small Death!

by colin croad

A warm and gentle loving touch,
That time when hearts will race so much!
Willing lips draw close then meet,
Then tongues explore, hearts miss a beat!

Their firm embrace makes his head spin.
He cannot wait that rose to win!
She guides his hand to that sweet ground,
Where all the joys of man are found!

Her breasts are firm and beg his kiss!
The joy he feels transcends mere bliss!
With love he strokes her naked form,
His desire pours forth like raging storm!

With trembling hands they feel their way!
Fingers stroke and smooth and play!
They drink from streams which start to flow,
As bodies press and passions grow!

Entwined in love their longings rise!
The air is filled with moans and sighs!
Their desire is fierce but still awaits,
For Love to open those rose red gates!

Joined as one soul, his love goes deep!
Gone are all thoughts of talk or sleep!
Time passes by and movements increase,
'Til together they reach that loving release!

Such is their love that to part seems wrong.
They stay as one and sing Love's song.
Naked and warm, they will not miss,
That special time of embrace and kiss.

When they have fed so much on love,
When they have touched the heavens above,
At last their souls must fly and part,
Yet each will take the other's heart!

Added: 29.04.2009