Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009


by colin croad

The anguish felt when love's apart!
The need within my longing heart!
Each hour which seems to last a day!
Each painful thought which comes my way!

Such is my life when we're apart!
Such are the woes which fill my heart!
The distance makes my need increase!
Yet the sight of you will grant me peace!

I yearn for your sweet gentle touch!
I long to hear your voice so much!
Without your love my joy would end!
Never to heal, never to mend!

I love you with my heart and soul!
Your tender love has made me whole!
I envy those words sent from me,
Which get to see what I cannot see!

Your sweet love, so fair and so fine!
To know that all this is now mine!
Warmth in your arms when I'm held near!
A heartfelt smile when you appear!

So when at last our hearts unite,
Our souls will taste such sweet delight!
Passion, at last, will find release,
And longed for embrace will never cease!

Added: 29.04.2009