Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

animal lover

by Rick Robinson

"Shall we dance?", she said
those words rough edged and wine embalmed her eyes
a Chardonnay of fire, i was charmed i'm sure, to accept
her hand, or claw; we pushed past a throng of sweating beasts and took the floor...
...her panting loudly with desire
Beneath a moon that wasn't there, outside when i was once indoors, we swayed
a rhythmic mating samba with sweat all mingling and spine still tingling, she
led me through the steps of some dark love
Upon the boards that felt dew-kissed her heels hissed or hooves clip-clopped
her breath hot upon my neck smelled of animal and sex and i asked,
as boldly and as daring...

"Tell me darling, is that musk of ox you're wearing?"
She held me close and juices mixed whilst nether regions stood transfixed
and gyrated to the sounds of some screeching boar, and as i spun and
watched it all i realised just how tall...she was, and that my feet still
hadn't touched the floor...
Icy cold her thrusting thighs,
with harpies dancing in her eyes;
gasping, panting almost fainting
we whirled and swirled and lost all vanity
and crossed the border into insanity, she...
...thrust her mouth on mine and tongues entwined; mine all dry,
a stranger entering and hers an eel with a dark life writhing...
and with disguise she stopped...and stretched, and talons bloomed
like darkling flowers on a dying loom glinting off a bone cold moon...

she howled...
The cold sun of day rose and took me far away from that precipice and
frenzied claw marks of tortured hieroglyphs, that criss-crossed my back in fifty shades of red.
Indeed i was somewhat stunned to learn that sunlight caused her skin to burn
and although part of me felt deeply sated, another part felt deeply...unappreciated.

Added: 30.04.2009