Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

What you wanna war with me for

by William Robinson

What you wanna war with me for?
Troops armed with M16’s and C4,
a nuclear arsenal that will make your knees quiver
and start a nuclear winter that’ll make your Grandma shiver.
So what did you want to war with me for?
I’ll leave women and children, dead on the floor,
batter your world until you can’t take anymore,
batter your country leave our economy sore.
I’ll make you fucking wish they voted for Al Gore
International law? I am the only law
I’ll leave you reeling, waiting for the peace corps.
Come on mobilise, if you think your hardcore.
I’ll show you war to end all war.
Whether it’s oil or iron ore,
I Don’t give a shit, I’ll take it all.

Added: 30.04.2009