Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

Meds Meds

by Duncan Parkes

Seroxat, Lithium, Sulphride and Lustrul
Anafranil, Benalafaxine prozac and Listril
Come on, it's only a pill.
It will make you big and strong
and make you able to take part once more.
Come on, it's only a pill.
Depakote - mmm, shiny big and pink
Prozac - tiny and blue - the miracle cure!
Drug reps - like crack dealers with licences to kill ...souls.
Stalking clinics, armed with note pads and pens, logos emblazoned.
Ready to seduce any unsuspecting CPN's
on the promise of a free Tesco butty.
Drug reps with their fleet Audis.
Using them to peddle their wares - patients unaware.
They're banning smoking on the wards soon
pandimonium will ensue.
But concotions of chemicals coloured red, white and blue
are legit.
"Swallow them down", it just takes a sip. 

Added: 30.04.2009