Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

Love For Life

by Gabrielle Lockwood

Before us today, united you stand,
Looking forward together, hand gripped in hand.
This is the moment, you’ve both chosen your direction,
A soul mate on whom to pour your affection.

On your journey together which has just begun,
Let one be the moon and the other the sun.
That way you will always have light,
For when one is in darkness, the other will have sight.

Let one be the water when the other’s the fire,
Let one provide sincerity and the other satire.
Let one take the prize while the other one cheers,
When one’s at a loss, let the other wipe the tears.

When one’s flying like a kite, up in the sky,
Make sure the other holds the string so that they don’t get too high.
And as life demands, reverse the roles,
Consequently complimenting your souls.

Be passionate and giving, supporting and fair,
And as the years go on, don’t forget to care.
From time to time really study each other,
As if you’ve just met, rediscover your lover.

Look after each other as husband and wife,
Steer each other to success and away from strife.
Remember the dreams that you share today,
Make the effort to realise them, come what may.

Let your closeness evolve, for love is not static.
Let these wonderful feelings be pure and dramatic.
Don’t ever be afraid to love too much,
For excess of love does not exist as such.

Look all around you, for life seems to shout,
The more you put in, the more you’ll get out.
Perhaps above all, just make sure you have fun,
For you are now two beautiful people, laughing as one.

Added: 30.04.2009