Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009


by colin croad

England is such a pleasant land,
Filled with yeomen, so proud, so grand!
We fly our flags and cheer our team,
Then when we score with pride we beam!

For ages past the gulls have soared,
Above those cliffs where breakers roared!
Across this green and marvelled sight,
Stand views which will all hearts delight!

The sea embraces this fair realm,
Defending which we'd don the helm,
Against all fierce and warlike foes,
Who seek to fill these Isles with woes!

In time of danger we unite!
We raise our swords in common fight!
Aggressors learn at their dear cost,
That freedom isn't so easily lost!

The castles speak from ages past,
Of how the foes have been held fast!
From Albion shines that special light,
Which fills the world with truth so bright!

Above the summer fields Larks play,
Their calling seems to point and say,
That through the ages, new and old,
They've watched this gem grow strong and bold!

So when you're stood on foreign shores,
When you shout and cheer when Albion scores,
Remember how this proud land grew,
And that we are the best, but few!

Think of all those glorious deeds,
Which made this rare and gifted breed!
Unconquered for a thousand years,
Sweet Albions Pride will coax your tears!

Added: 30.04.2009