Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

Waking Nightmare

by Sarah Derrick

There's a dark place I go to finally feel safe        The dark place holds nightmares
Screwing my body up as small as can be
I hide, in the pit of someone's arm or deep         Imagined , whether I'm alone or not
Beneath the sheets tangled around her hips.
                                                                     The pictures haunt my sleep
I remain still as the colours worry at my eyes
I try not to move, the pictures will come             The sleep I get restrained
As the pain stretches my lungs
My body revolts, movement unable.                  Held by unseen hands
When I'm still his weight holds me,                   Captured in my mind
Hurts me, while hands avoided grope me
A break from the dream, not the memory          Ripping forth unexplained tears
Of truth, please, just don't touch me
                                                                     I'm broken, you know,  inside
Face calmly contorted, mewling sleep noises.
Eyes open but seeing only the imagined             Where they can't see me
Terror trickles through my body burning              They can't reach me
beneath the ironed sheets something snaps       Can't wake me
A scream slips through and cannot stop              Help me
Until arms and legs are mine again.                   Finally it shows

Added: 30.04.2009