Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

Single Mother

by caroline hawkins

Single mother struggles hard
Children playing in the yard
She has changed now, must be strong
Daddy isn't here now, he's long gone.
Single mother puts children first
She can't have needs now, for what they're worth
All her love and attention they gain
While she suffers in silence, hiding her pain.
Single mother makes ends meet
It's never been an easy feat
Mouths to feed, bodies to clothe
And him, he's set up a new abode.
Single mother watch them grow
And realise in time they'll come to know
Appreciate you for all you've done
You've been father and mother all wrapped up in one.
Single mother the time has come, to let them fly
It's okay to cry, don't dry your eyes,
They've been your life through all your strife
They kept you strong when things went wrong.
Single mother we must honour you
For we've no idea what you've been through
You're tougher than most and better than the best
We must recognise that you have been truly blessed.
Single mother, we must value your worth
For it was to us that you gave birth
You carried us through times good and bad
We thank you for all the strength you had.

Added: 30.04.2009