Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

This Evil We Are Surrounded By

by Jessica Connelly

Yobs, bullies, gangs
Who knows what might happen...
When you let your young child go for a walk down the road...
To the park,
To the shop.
Get beaten up for the few pennies that they've got.
The world's a harsh place,
Say hello to someone sat by you on a bench,
There's a possibilty you'll get shot in the head.
He's wearing a baseball cap, I won't talk to him.
That old man looks creepy, I won't walk near him.
These people with their twisted minds, this evil we are surrounded by,
It makes us wary of everyone.
If there is a god, then why would he let this happen?
Why does a god that can't be proved real even have followers...
When he lets people like this survive,
And lets the good people feel so small inside?

Added: 30.04.2009