Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010


by Soumya Jana

You still walk like a maniac --
Though you have slowed down much.
It is now time to finally stop.
I warn you:  
Do not cross over to Neverland!
You hear music no more.
The flute in your heart has stopped.
Stop, now, you too!
Everything you know is wrong.
No paradise awaits you in Neverland!
Love has died.
Passion too.
Hope has faded.
Your fierce will is but a mellow wish now.
Do not daydream. Time's tide will not turn.
Now listen to reason.
Stop already, you fool.
Great! You have stopped.
You are in doubt.
Ah! Good sense has finally dawned.
Now, turn around. No, wait!
Slowly, with ever more care
First set your weighty dream down -- right there.
Perfect! Now, turn around. No, no turning back.
Congratulations! Enjoy your new-found freedom.

Added: 12.11.2009