Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

Pendant o' Peril

by Joshua Brown

If I could only find the words, grasp the words, claim them as my own

I would forge them together in blistering cold, persisting flames

And craft; not a bleeding blade, a swift sword that splits resolves, nor an impenetrable escutcheon, a steel shield that deflects resistance; but a brilliant neckpiece

I would wear it full heartedly, unashamed of its gleamin' glamour

And it would have the perfect centerpiece--a splendid pearl pendant o' peril

A neckpiece so grand it would leave an everlasting mark of our neverlasting love

If the neckpiece should be snatched, stolen, hidden, misplaced, I shall wear the lovely russet scar on my chest

A crest, an emblem of not what was--because the neckpiece is unbreakable, not to be scathed or undermined--but what is no longer mine

Before I would allow such travesties to transpire I would forfeit, no sacrifice, no drop my life with that brilliant neckpiece

Fortunately, I forged it with enough wisdom, passion, and power to hold my own and the weight of the world by my neck

Added: 30.11.2009

Judges' comments on this poem


Wonderful poem - thank you