Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

Montagne d'amour

by Steve Brodie

Carry me now, my love.
My head is so light,...so trill.
The air is so thin,... so slight.
Your arms are too strong,...to fill.
The mountains are ours,...to will.
To stay on this path, I pray.
The rock is set deep,...to last.
And needing it all,...I crave.
For keeping this course,...I'm slaved.
We climb to the peak, so high.
My heart and my blood,...to shed.
I spread out my limbs, and cry.
And swept by the wind,...we fly.
So soaring away, I gasp.
To deliver my all,... I must.
Forgiven for want,... that's past,
Now yearning to find my lust.
And can you now feel the stream,
And flowers inside,...abloom,
That trickle through every seam,
To bond a new life,... we dream.
So carry me down, my love,
And echo with sweet reply,
It's only with you,...I'll lie,
And only for you,...I'll fly.

Added: 06.12.2009