Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

the waking dream

by rylan peery

This mind is a prison,
and I've got to break free
trapped in illusion, realityTV
What is real?  What can I believe?

Pabst rust cans bleed at oasis fall pool
flys on my wall, napping in drool
milk cartons pile up, so do the bills
they send me for uninsured hospital ills
infomercials hawk round the clock tools
to chop up veggies with one quick pull
as if I give a fuck how best to dice
strawberries laced with methyl bromide
growing tumors on kindergarten brains
cause their school is in the field that just got sprayed.

our flag now flies red plastic and blue
i've got Exxon oil to mix with the glue
being huffed in bags by Salvador crew
shooting across lines invisible to
Mary and Bob who live in LA
they drink Starbucks Lattes and they work to slave
children in China who make all of their goods
laced with lead, formaldehyde wood
off to a landfill after a week of use
they need everything new, disdaining reuse

my mind is a mess, what can I say
I'm caged like a lion, whose furious rage
can't break steel bars, or open the chains
death is coming and I'm stuck in this cage

tied to the tracks, here comes the train
fire is life but it is starting to rain
my friends are dying, stuck in the maze

untangling these knots, with fury and rage
use what I've got: pen, paper, and blaze
amp determination to get out of this haze
untangle the knot, it is time to save
myself and my peeps, from the end of dayz
the root is the mind, and it's got to change.

Added: 29.12.2009

Judges' comments on this poem


Excellent rant with real impact and a worthy message, but before the end of days, dude, check the spelling.