Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

widow's way

by paula rae gibson

  take the brush from the side, run it through your hair, apply the tiniest bit of mascara, to your eyes, run a thin smudge of colour,  to your quivering lips, slip into the most beautiful black dress, you bought blindly yesterday , zip up those long black boots  that fit like glove,  god how  he’d approve,  a woman’s only naked  with her boots on…               march all the way up the hill, one foot in front of the other ,eyes on nothing though if looks could kill ,she’d be gunning down  the world and it’s mother ….stop off buy another bottle ,swig it down ,top to tail ,keep walking ,ignore the signs collected by your mind, from the room with the dying only sign, take it in the sea of black before you, the tide could kill… yesterday she was a bride, today she’s a widow, yesterday she believed spirit prevailed, now she’s the cynic in the veil.

Added: 04.01.2010