Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

The Big Escape


This place. The stink, the grime.
The flock of dreamers.
The phoneys acting truly sublime.  

Outcasts fled their motherland,
escaped reality, avoiding family.
Congregating together.
One oversized, overcrowded,
metropolis of dreary users.  

Irrational judgements made:
Status, love, decision and self-importance.
Major players with mammoth egos
caught up in tangles of distorted desire.

Attempting to achieve distraction,
Juggling with forest fire.
Craving relief from unpleasant realities left behind.  

Constantly seeking out entertainment,
Engaging in fantasy.  

They’re ageing with no love.
No genuine pride to speak of.
No credentials for anything beyond the fake life and fake love.
The fantasy empty of
truth and promise.

They must escape.
The halogen, neon, noise and florescent light.
The distorted desire, the fight.  

Added: 10.01.2010