Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

Michael Jackson, A star in the sky

by Lisa Tyrrell

You sing with your voice and dance with your shoes,
From such a young age your soul was full of the blues,
You make my heart skip with a spirit of magic,
To leave us behind, so young it was tragic

Your amazing to watch, you make me believe,
No ones like you, with a silver glove on your sleeve,
You had the heart of a angel and the smile of a saint,
When I watch you moonwalk I nearly fall down and faint

Your a true inspiration, never gave up the fight,
You made all become one with your song black or white,
You are my idol and your legend will live on,
We'll still hear your voice no matter how far you've gone

I love you dear Michael, you've touched many a heart,
We believed in you right from the very start,
You've made a world full of change and surrounded us with love,
Your now in Gods place, a shooting star up above

We'll still dance to your music and sing with your voice,
Songs full of such passion will help us rejoice,
You helped me be strong and to stand up when I fall,
Your the man in the mirror whose love touched us all.

Added: 23.01.2010