Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010


by Lisa Tyrrell

Ben, you came to visit and now you're gone,
A angels blessing within a song,
We saw you there inside a bump,
Your mother felt you slide and thump

Your life's gifts were not lived long,
But your beautiful spirit stays on strong,
We hope you bring our blessings with you,
And watch over everyone in all that we do,

You may have been tiny but your love touched us all,
A guardian angel for whom your family can call,
Please send our prayers to the spirits in the sky,
Be free and be happy where ever you may fly

We will miss you Ben and never forget you,
We will live life full and do all that we set to,
We will make you proud and follow our heart,
And when it's our time, we will not be apart

We love you dear Ben and want to say thank you,
For the love you helped us share in a moment our heart sank to,
Be at peace there in your place,
Until again my love we see your face.

Added: 23.01.2010