Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

True Romance

by Lisa Tyrrell

He looked in my eye and saw to my soul,
My knees went weak, I lost all control,
He was like a birthday gift, a wonderful surprise,
I knew he was the one when I looked into his eyes

He was confident and gentle, he swept me off my feet,
He was beautiful and kind, my heart skipped a beat,
He made me feel wanted and made me forget about,
All the hurt and confusion, for him there was no doubt

I wait for this man as I watch the stars at night,
I can feel he's on his way, to my darkness there'll be light,
He makes me believe and he takes away the pain,
Since the day we met, I've had only love to gain.

Added: 24.01.2010

Judges' comments on this poem


Too many overworked cliches.


This apparent specimen of male perfection surely deserves to be described with some original lines and a closer attention to meter.