Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

He is on his way to me

by Lisa Tyrrell

You are the master of your destiny and conductor of your soul,
I can feel your love surround me with your heart opened whole,
Although we have not kissed or been out on a date,
But when I search within my heart, I know your my soul mate

When we believe in dreams they carry us to the stars,
Come find me now my friend I have opened up the bars,
I no longer live in my prison or feel a unhappy thought,
I've been running for so long and am now ready to be caught

I have opened up my heart and ready to let you in,
I know we'll find each other, our love is meant to win,
My love will wait for you until you come break down my door,
For I cannot get to my destiny without my other oar

Our love will be beautiful and magical beyond belief,
For I will hold you close to me as you fly free like a leaf,
I can't believe your nearly here, I waited for so long,
Excitement fills the air as birds chirp out a song

Who thought it could happen, that dreams can come true,
The power of belief is strong and I always believed in you,
Thank you for the signs and sending me your love,
It's the sky where magic happens, a dream from up above.

Added: 24.01.2010