Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

Pleasure In The Nature.

by Saiful Chowdhury

When the darkness falling upon wide wild,
When the stars soaring at the silence sky,
When the fox’s roaring at calmness night,
By the sleepless eyes when moonshine,
My soul entwine into the beautiful wild.

Here is Shadow of cloud wonder wild!
Here all voiceless deer walk so quiet.
Birds are chirps on the indolent noon,
By the green wild and its wind moan;
Attracted me its beauty of lonely shore.
Walking by the river bank seeing sun-sink,
Falling darkness stars above twinkling.
Fearless eyes watch ripples across and back.          
And my nude foots has drench till to knee,
Freedoms feel nothing left to conceal.

I have seen charming scene from upland hill,
I heard sprinkle of spring rattling it’s too bliss.
I saw morn shining on the woodland trees.
By the Zigzag lake and its moist breeze,
Wildlife’s walk and whisper while I creep.

Human like you and I, simply could realize
Why God present us the wonderful wild?
It seems to reveal the true peace of life,
Far from uproar, where none intrudes,
Far from noise of crowd, where nature are beautiful.

Isn’t it amazing, that our image of life cycling?
We born, we live, we die that’s we human being.
Creatures always quest to live peacefully,
There is pleasure of life, into the green wild,
Till these experience we may it not believe.
           **********The End**********

Added: 27.01.2010

Judges' comments on this poem


Beautiful imagery and effective ellipsis