Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

still not that bright

by lorna jayne hackett

In the dark confinments of our souls,
we find a place the scares us,
a place that can seem so dark and uninviting,
yet we step in to find peace, why?
when life seems to cruel and tangled,
it seems this is the only place we can fall,
we hide in the corner, darkness all around,
our still lifeless heart, the only sound,
our eyes wide open, staring into the dark,
looking for an answer, but nothing,
our hands agains the wall, feeling its cold awakening,
our body exhausted from the constant breaking,
then in the clouded silence it becomes so clear,
we made this place with our unchainable fear,
so you stand, your hand reaches for the light,
but even when on, its still not that bright.  lorna jayne hackett

Added: 11.02.2010