Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

Tunnel Light

by Matthew Wong

She was a girl of uptown disposition
Strutting around with sundown affectations
One night she went looking for some relaxation
Got caught up in the cross fire
Of her one woman confrontation
Slumped by a graffiti wall, the writing says it all
Down on luck, out of love and flat line broke
Guess you could only hope to fall in sleep
On seas of wine driven by a wayward boat
Lids feeling slight, almost going out of sight
Saw a shadow traced in the distant edge
Of the pale, misty eyed worn-out moonlight
Summer must be in the air
When you faintly feel a warm embrace
A final blur
The horizon looked like that bedtime door
Where she once caught a glimpse of her father’s face

Added: 16.02.2010