Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

The Conundrum

by Marc Balbirnie

Taker or bearer,
The tantilizing image of hazy mirth,
Poisonous, venomous with impurity,
Plague of Man upon Man,
The Scourge, the Killer,
Blackened Rot of body and soul,
Messenger to the ferryman,
Leaving too soon.

Each subtle horizontal line
is slain by the great arsonist,
Martyrs falling one by one, lain
breath to breath and length to
length, they mark themselves as
a barrier to man's folly and
Plague of Man upon Man,
The Scourge, the Killer.

Added: 19.02.2010

Judges' comments on this poem


good language, lack of rhythm is appropriate, physicality of the language is great