Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

Into The Drain


 There is a place in my head that makes me energetic
And a place in mind that makes me go insane
And a place in brain that makes me feel pathetic
Its such a shame no two places are the same

When I walk down the street, sometimes I see a tunnel,
And sometimes I see a tundra or a plain
and sometimes my emotions all begin to funnel
from my brain, through my feet into the drain

When I close my eyes I see a kaleidoscope of colour
And in the centre is a face I do not know
But as my thoughts digress to this, that, and the other
The energy inside me seems to grow

At the end of the day, I numb myself with tonic
Of a nature that cannot be bought or sold
My mind then turns from mono to stereophonic
whilst the places in my head all shut down cold
When I re-awake from my self induced illusion
The places have increased by twenty fold
But I just carry on in the same state of confusion
Knowing this, is a tale that can't be told

Added: 25.02.2010