Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

Appostle's Disgrace

by Christopher Bayliss

I often think of how you must of felt on that eventful day.
It must of been a turmoil in you’re mind
You preach of love and loyalty to you’re Father up above
But their was no one that treated you in kind.

Instead you battled countenance from those you deemed to love.
This love that wasn’t plied upon to you
Disloyalty was so pronounce you must of looked to God above
But untoward you’re flock this sediment not stew.

Of those you taught that turned away announcing they knew not
This good and holy spectre in his hour of need
Allowing all and sundry to pronounce throughout the land
That to expatiate this man was of a need.

You’re followers turned away from you in fear of their own
Should they be of preference to gain
They watched whilst humiliation and defacement were applied
And refused upon direction to utter on you’re name.

Was not until you died upon the crucifix that day
Did followers decide to face the torrent foe
And pronounce to one and all of the mistake that they had made
By announcement to their lord of which they know

God above is mindful of human frailty and immoral
Jesus Christ did not deserve their heinous crime
And in ways not ever thought about they recuperated of this day
And made amendment to their Lord within their time.

Added: 01.03.2010