Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

I Think You Sing

by Karen Alexander

Here we shared the slips and reels of earnest conversation
An interweaving counterpoint of dialogue
Wherein I bled the truth of loving
Heart’s secrets shed
And shared
And by and by transposing the antiphonal chant
You guide towards consonance, harmony
With gentle lilting phrasing
Sweet concord within the cantus firmus

And yet you say you do not sing?

Surely our hearts beat out the song of love and life
And all our narratives are ballades sung in open form?
I hear you sing your madrigals
With melodies of hope and peace and grace
And try to catch the tune
Rich harmonies play out
And love songs whisper on the air

I pray, a final cadenza let there be
In a lullaby that’s sung for me.

Added: 02.03.2010