Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

What Shall We Play Today?

by Kevin Wood

Noisy cops and robbers; a distant hideaway
More than a shout from a shopping Saturday.
Hills and hollows welcoming, ring, strain,
As for a conquering hero, or Luke Skywalker,
Magnificent Seven or James Bond,
“What shall we play today?”
An empty plot beside the railway track,
A vacant block across the back.
They played here once, jostling, tumbling,
Like gaudy crayons on an artist’s tray,
A playground where the earth is bare,
“Where will you play today, Jack?”
Fading posters the colour of bricks,
Flopping thinly on broken sticks.
Sad clay where once boys used to roam,
Noiseless now; mute shouts to a passing train,
“Murder!” “Can You Help?” “Police!”
“What shall we play today?”


Added: 03.03.2010