Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

Lost Thought

by sophie king

In a dusty chest
She discovered the letter
Words from a past life
A time so nearly forgotten
The paper
So thin and delicate
That she almost caressed it
Unfolding its secrets
Twighlight dreams
Never realised
A time when
Hope was hopeless
So many years of waiting
For that hole to fill
The sting to subside
The pain to pass
Had he lived
Would she have lived too?
Did that terror
Destroy even more lives
When it shattered the village?
Face lined with regret
The fatherless child
The bitter sweetheart
So many tides that turned
But no clock
Could put back the years
Restore the laughter
She refolded her memories
Closed the box
On her past
And wiped a tear.

Added: 04.03.2010

Judges' comments on this poem


The poet deals with memories that still hurt after a long time. The poem has no punctuation, no pause as if to increase the suffering.


Wistful and sensitive handling of a subject we can all empathize with.