Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

Away From Winter’s Chill

by Janmejoy Gupta

When the echoes of screaming swifts,
Slowly fade away amidst the hills,
When butterflies’ colour and grace has
Charmed the woods with simple frills,
When winter’s chill is hard to recall,
And plum trees are no longer bare,
When along a long arcade of pines,
Grazes and gazes the gilded mare,
When a blushing bride tries in vain
To shore up the ruffled, creased bed,
Dusk violets vie with lilies for sun’s
Closing kiss steeped in orange-red,
When common cold and some cancers
Seems cured by bland, minute pills,
A forsaken and obsolete marketplace
Is replaced by vibrant, bustling mills,
When carps gleam in weeded streams,
With contagious revelry and rife,
One forgets that life can be a fading
Breadth of joy in a tunnel of strife.

Added: 06.03.2010