Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010


by paul mcguire

My spirituality is like a tide, it ebbs and flows;
it flows out to the great unknown needing to know ,
and then it retreats back to the great big ocean of being,
both worlds have their beauty...parents of the paradox.
The best living happens in a livelier space than that of thinking, or speaking,
this ‘adult mind’ of mine has always thought it owned  my meaning,
it always tried to train all tracks to truth,
it even tries to feel the things I need to feel ;
but often then some paradox appears
a perfectly opposing point of view
a piercing piece of unknown song
that sings in spite of me
some kind of song that seems so right
that swallows certainty in a single bite
a demi-god to the ego’s might
it thumps its once  great thoughts
a  prover to  its limits
a  wrecker to its  wroughts
and when the mind surrenders
or remembers…its place
and fades into the background
I find I need or want no more
for all there is is now
this quietens  me, reminds me
that there might be more
that  there could be less
allowing me to rest.

Added: 08.03.2010