Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010


by Janmejoy Gupta

One seldom ponders over you,
O Death, mostly over wealth,
But you – rowing clouds
Of nimble night with stealth;
Steadily descending you are,
A mute and mighty meteor,
Unmoved in discharging deaf
Destiny’s deal, so demure;
Billion quasars give way to you,
Pausing their sonorous songs,
Your single blow still brings,
A blessed ever-bliss one longs;
When a lovesick, weary bird,
Fades into the quiet of sleep,
Coo to one’s ears, an arcane hymn,
A stranger entrusts you to keep;
Alluring, magic moments one secured,
But lost to a leery life,
A scorched, ever-stoked mind
Clad yet again with strife;
Ensure, O Death, so, one does,
Never again misspeak or deride,
As you stream, into a silken sleep,
Let one’s haunted heart slide;
Let smile’s shadow rest on the lips,
When one breathes the last,
Despite daily blows of frantic fear,
This pact be forever steadfast.

Added: 15.03.2010