Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

We Will Remember

by hector gifford

What is by your side is never appreciated fully until it is gone,
One does not think about the joy that’s beside him,
But when that thing goes, that person will realise
That life’s little furies seem nothing at all.
What was taken for granted you wish had been different,
You want to go back to change what is done,
But sooner or later you see that’s not possible
And your feelings are greater than ever before.
No words can describe the feelings inside you,
No thoughts can restrict the actions you bring,
But people can see the sadness inside you,
Everyone, even your enemies, are understanding.
And everyone feels what you need by your side,
They all care, and will be there forever,
Even ones loss will see you from heaven,
Not all is bad, but maybe for better.
Now here we all are, standing together,
Shoulder to shoulder, singing Jerusalem,
All caring and loving, remembering the same person,
Saying, we will remember, and it’s true, we will.

Added: 16.03.2010

Judges' comments on this poem


This is so true that's why I am voting for it, well done.