Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

A Day Called Yesterday

by Celia Topping

They sailed on the ice cold wintry wind
Across the seas from north, to the warmth of the south
They had a message for my ears to hear...
A whisper on the breeze
The cold breath beckoned me
Today is your last... 
They handed me beautiful silver chest
Engraved with the stories from deep within me,
What will you take? As tomorrow will be no more
Closing my eyes...
The taste of home
That familiar warmth,
The walls that protect me, inside they embrace me,
My sanctuary of the peaceful night...
 The air of my smells, comfortable,  I’m safe and I sleep.,
Inside the silver chest I carefully placed my home.
 I do love you.
The last time I told you,
Your eyes looked into my soul, oh how you knew me
With my words, I sent you my once beating heart,
The air we once shared, we’re blissfully one
Inside the silver chest, I delicately placed my love.
The summer sun
The smell of freshly cut grass
Lazily I sat, underneath the cloudless sky
The strawberries we once picked, how beautifully sweet.
 The bright fragrant air, I rejoice in the heat!
Inside the silver chest, I reach up and I placed my summer sun.
Your last moments
Sitting there, I nursed and I held your hand
Within your pain, you asked me to help you.
I reassured you and to go with god’s will
With your last breath, the hurting, how I prayed!
Inside the silver chest, I remember you and the suffering that was no more.
My beautiful silver chest is now full
Slowly, I close the heavy lid, like a lifetime approaching its forever slumber
The icy whisper thanked me and bid me their final farewell.
The tomorrow is no more,
Today was forever,
And yesterday was all.

Added: 20.03.2010