Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

A Matter of Body and Mind

by Emma Byrne

I am prudent to your cause,
this unrequited commitment, and these laws,
feeling I should or should not feel,
moments that are better to conceal.
A dragging sensation,
that makes me fall short of the line,
without hesitation,
you'd break this retched heart of mine.

Every time you ask,
I feel compelled to speak.
It's not an issue of trust,
but a declaration of the weak,
I cower at the humiliation
and how you'd choose to run.
I shudder at my betrayal,
and how I live with what I've done.

My past is behind me, mere moments in history,
it's just a progression, it's not a part of me.
Though its topic unnerves me,
it tears me apart.
It's like a looming judgement call
that would leave me in the dark.

And yet your still oblivious,
Curiosity, your only flaw.
An inquisition turned to interrogation,
with still no conclusion to draw.
For I refuse this problem to take voice,
for this was no case of
"It's her choice."

Added: 22.03.2010

Judges' comments on this poem


Could be clearer, e.g. first line, but full marks for prosodic enterprise.


I like this poem, the rhymes are smooth and not clunky and it really makes you think about the life of the person who wrote it.