Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

Where's Bin Laden?

by Cassandra dalton

Bin laden in Harrods, sipping tea with Fayed,
discussing our Will's, what a fine looking lad.
He's having a great time , he's enjoying the beer.
He's sent me a postcard  wishing me here.
Bin Ladens in Paris snapping shots of Diana's tunnel,
he got a cheap day return over the chunnel.
He's doing the things tourists hold dear,
he sent me a postcard wishing me here.
Bin Laden's in Holland at an Amsterdam coffee shop,
he's just passing through and thought he would stop.
He's rolled a big fat joint ,he's enjoying the gear.
he's sent me a postcard wishing me here.
The world's most wanted man can simply disappear,
sending postcards to his mates,
that say" keep up the struggle i'll be back by next year.
Bin Ladens on the Aussie outback trail,
swigging the lager drinking the ale,
hanging around the tourists who have forgotten to shave,
he's walking round topless to tan and sunbathe.
I bet you right, if we gave Charlie Dimmack the quest,
of finding Bin Laden wearing only her vest,
she'll find him in less than a day and hand him over to justice to lock him away.
Watch out Bin Ladens in the crowd
he's laying low, he's playing it by ear.
Mind out if you get his postcard wishing you where Here.

Added: 24.03.2010