Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

I Take You With Me

by Meecha Bloxsidge

You are not lost my friend,
for you are coiled like a snake.
Hidden under the deep ember rock face,
that is my silent cavern.

You are wrapped in pure silk,
that ebbs and flows through every valve.
Weaving its magic through my beating pulse,
right down to the rythmic base.

Forever held in my fingers,
as they play the ivory keys of lifes piano.
Tapping away at the vibration,
you are carried with me on every wind chime jingle.

Inside me you are a full suit case of warm clothes,
that I carry with me from train station to sea port.
My dearest, my irrevocable love,
I take you with me.

Added: 25.03.2010

Judges' comments on this poem


Lifes needs an apostrophe - life's and suitcase is one word.


Strong images, but perhaps more effective with a regular metre.


Liked the images, particularly the suitcase of warm clothes that is carried with poet. Only just missed my top four.


Comforting in a powerful and lasting way. Would be a gift to treasure on a personal level.