Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

When Will You Come For Me?

by Meecha Bloxsidge

Seriously now, tired and a little avoidance weary,
I want to lay down my head on your shoulder.
Where have you been?
Didn’t I deserve you until now.

Or maybe never,
I’m clever but I know I’m not cute.
No perfection, princess, handbag trophy wife,
Just me, bumble bee messy.

When are you coming for me?
No more denying, loud boastful skylarking.
You can tuck me under your wing,
I promise, I’ll let you in and unveil.

Vulnerable, like a fledging bird taking flight,
Dirty and stained.
Complicated like a love affair,
Fortress to the core- but you’ll find me there.

Beautiful, achingly loving,
Heart beating, soul transcending.
Ethereal float gentle and pear scent sweet,
Yours for the belonging, passionfruit, mango.

Apple bite,
Strawberry under crushed hand.
Blueberry inked,
Unique, wonderful and oh so deserved.

Added: 25.03.2010

Judges' comments on this poem


I loved all the colourful fruit imageryin the final two stanzas