Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

Long Live the Queen!

by Adrian Williams

It is morning.
After turning every second to avoid the night
Sunlight drowns the images I tried to fight
No more being swallowed by my own four walls
For at least twelve more hours, no requests, no calls.
Blanking out the noises and the forced feeling
The blood and sweat. Tears. Unearthly squealing
To name a few...
Listen to the silence.
Even I am not here;
Unresponsive, soul asleep.
I'll wake it up when the nightmares really end.
A presence dogs me still;
The queen, sickly green
Severe, disapproving.
One more stranger on my pillow
Testing my stomach.
She is the reason.
Blood in a border as if it was planned
Traces of snow dust give her a new crown
And when the time comes for our queen to change hands
How long before her real use will be found?
Your Majesty, please help kick-start the heart
Of the lonely, the quitters
The trapped and the bored
Hidden in a strange bed,
Appealing to the Lord.
This is the world we share
Proof in itself that I don't belong there
but The Fix gives no options; I have to try.
Unless I burn the evidence. I could just say goodbye.
(Until the next time)
Long live the Queen!

Added: 25.03.2010